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And the magic food is...

2006-09-18 - 1:36 p.m.

Finally, FINALLY, we have found a food Grommet likes. Itís not, as predicted by many, bananas. She loves, (dun da da dah!) My Organic Baby mixed vegetables!

What kind of freakazoid kid rejects sweet fruit, but loves mixed vegetables? And did I mention that she dislikes any of the individual vegetables on their own that are in this jar? Especially if Iíve lovingly prepared them myself? Yet, mixed together and purchased in a jar she adores them. She has also decided, despite a dislike of sweet potatoes on their own, that sweet potatoes and chicken from this company are just dandy.

Did I also mention that adding breast milk to the stuff I make or buy does not make it palatable? Do I care? Not one bit because HOORAY! Sheís eating!

I no longer have to be on hand 24/7 in case she gets hungry. J can take her for a few hours at a time and I can go to the gym, or to an event (like the Glebe house tour that I took yesterday afternoon).

And speaking of baby eating habits, check this Time article Rethinking First Foods out. For those that havenít clicked the link, let me just give you a snippet:

According to the 2002 survey, Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS), which tracked the diets of more than 3,000 tots, a quarter of 9-to-11-month-olds do not routinely consume even one helping of vegetables a day. Those who do tend to have the least nutritious kind. By 9 months, potatoes, either mashed or fried, are the most commonly consumed vegetable; by 12 months, 13% of babies eat French fries every day Ö FITS found that 10% of 4-to-6-month-olds consume desserts, sweets or sweetened beverages daily. By the time they are 2, 60% of toddlers eat some kind of pastry every day.
Iím sorry, but am I the only person absolutely stunned and appalled by these figures? I do not get it. Everyone loves their kids and wants what is best for them, so why are so many people feeding them like this? This kind of diet is clearly not what is best for them. I mean, come one French fries every day!?! I donít know a single adult that would argue that this is good for anyone of any age! Yes, I know and can relate to the argument that itís a relief to be able to get a picky eater to eat anything so if thatís all theyíll eatÖ

No, no, no. I cannot accept that. I just canít. There has to be an alternative to French fries every day for a year-old baby. I cannot believe that a baby would let him or herself starve to death or even to a point of being unhealthy if not offered French fries to tempt him or her. It just strains my credulity too much. Am I being just too naÔve?

Thank goodness that it was mixed veggies that Grommet decided to like!

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