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2006-07-15 - 11:32 p.m.

With 9 days to go before Grommet reaches 6 months, she just this morning mastered rolling from her stomach to her back. Every time I put her down in her crib on her back now and go wash my hands, zoop, there she is on her stomach and pitching a struggling fit when I get back mere seconds later. On the one hand, I want to teach her to roll back to her back so she’s not left stranded and freaking out. On the other, I’m kind of afraid of this equation:

rolling from back to front + rolling from front to back = locomotion
(if done repetitively in the same direction)

Eeep! I’m not sure we’re ready to have a baby rolling around this place! Not only that, but she’s showing unmistakable signs of trying to get her knees under her when she’s on her front.

With the big six months coming up we’re preparing for some changes. In the next few weeks she’ll have sunscreen applied for the first time, she’ll be able to go in a chlorinated pool, and she’ll be starting solid foods (well, semi-solid to start with) – all things you’re supposed to wait six months before introducing.

And man, never was there a kid more ready for a little variety in the diet. She stares drooling-ly at anything we put to our mouths. We let her lick the outside of cold beverage cups – hey, it’s hot out and a little condensation isn’t going to kill her – and she now makes the excited “give it to me!” wiggle every time she sees us drinking.

through the licking glass.

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