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2006-07-22 - 1:17 p.m.

This is so exciting! We bought RICE CEREAL yesterday! Beside me right now is a pile of stuff I dug out from the Big Basket O’Baby Things that we received as shower gifts but put aside since we wouldn’t need them until a later stage. Well, one of those stages is about to arrive: I’m looking at tiny, soft-plastic-covered spoons, little bowls, and sippy cups! Since Grommet has her 6-month well-baby visit scheduled for Thursday, we figured celebrating her 6-month birthday with her first rice cereal would be a good idea. That way, if we have any questions, or if there are any problems or reactions, we can take it up with the doctor later in the week.

One thing we’ll probably be asking is when to move to other foods, and do we stick with a bunch of cereals for the first while? When can we introduce veggies, etc.? There’s a lot of information online but it’s a case of perhaps too much information, and a lot of it conflicting. There are a lot of sites that say veggies first, then fruit, others that say the opposite, none really mentioning when meat should come into things, and tons that still say 4 months for solids when I know the recommendation has changed to 6 months.

Right now, all I know for sure is that we’ll be giving the rice cereal a try, but that she’ll be mainly getting breast milk for most of the day still. Indeed, I’ll be mixing the cereal with breast milk for at least the first little while. And no matter the order of food introduction we settle on, we’ve made the decision to go with organic only (as much as we can, that is) until at least her first birthday. One HUGE thing in our favour with this plan is that my mother loves to cook and has an organic garden, and she’s graciously offered to steam and puree baby food for us.

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