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Blink. Five months.

2006-06-25 - 9:56 a.m.

Maybe I’m getting used to this new pace of life, but for the first time this past month has actually seemed like a month.

Grommet is constantly doing new things, as babies are wont to do. Just as I wrote the first sentence of this entry, I kid you not, I looked over and saw her kicking her mobile (which I’ve called her “bug dance”) for the very first time! Looks like it’s time to lower the crib mattress.

She’s started reaching and grasping for things, particularly when they touch her first; when I put her teething ball (nicknamed “Sputnik”) on her chest she immediately grabs it and yoink, into her mouth it goes. She grabs her feet now too, though they haven’t made it to her mouth yet that I’ve seen. She’s started to use her thumb more too when she does grab something. (“Opposable thumbs, sweetheart,” I say while correcting her grip, “It’s what sets us apart from the animals.”)

Mmmm… Sputnik.

She can now roll onto her side (though still turns her head for the boob at the same time so she ends up with her face planted squarely on the mattress if I’m feeding her in bed), her hair is still short but is getting lighter at the roots, and the monkey fuzz is gone from her ears. She’s obviously not a newborn.

She makes adorable slide-whistle noises and wants to join in on the conversation these days. When we leave her alone her calls get increasingly strident until one of us goes in to get her and when she sees us coming it’s like the sun has broken out from behind a cloud and she’s all smiles and coos again. When she wakes up from a nap and I’m there she’s all wriggly grins like, “HeLLO there!” and I pounce on her all, “I missed you TOO!”

Best of all, I can get her to giggle sometimes (she has a surprisingly deep chuckle for a baby), and when she’s tired or in need of comforting she’ll nestle into me and rub her little face into my shoulder. And there are times that only I can comfort her, and not just with the boobs. It feels like, while I’ve been her mother since she was born of course, she really sees me as Mom now.

In Mom’s arms.

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