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2006-06-21 - 11:11 a.m.

In one of Sundry’s ClubMom entries she talks about how her son Riley has been taught to eat cereal at daycare. He can now navigate Cheerios to his mouth and ingest them. Miss Zoot as well has mentioned that her daughter’s daycare is trying to teach her to crawl. You know what this means don’t you?

That’s right. Daycare conspiracy.

But seriously, if I had to hear from a daycare worker that Grommet took her first steps today, and I had missed them? Tragedy of epic proportions my friends.

I know that, given the dearth of decent maternity leave benefits, most women in the U.S. have to go back to work very early after the birth of their kids. I also know that some would even choose to go back to work early even if they had reasonable benefits. And that’s their choice – they do what they gotta do for their own situation. And I also know that it’s probably responsible of the daycare to keep parents updated on their children’s progress. The thing is, I’m not sure I’d want to know. I’d rather have a daycare worker say to me, “You know, we’ve been working on the walking thing and I think that Grommet is on the verge of being able to do it.” Then I’d go home in blissful ignorance of the fact that they were omitting the fact that she had managed a couple of steps already, I’d give her a try and WOW!!! LOOK AT THAT!!! And I was there to see it!!!

I will never cease to be grateful for the amazing benefits I have that allow me to stay home for so many firsts that will happen in the first year of the Grom’s life.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve been feeling vaguely guilty about not working on getting Grommet to try to hit that “rolling over” milestone. I know she needs to learn, and we spend time every day letting her practice her sitting and standing (she has almost zero balance but her strength is amazing), but we’re not ready for her to master any method of locomotion. My biggest immediate fear is that she’ll decide to start rolling over when she’s on our bed and will somehow escape the pillows we bracket her with. She still sleeps with us and we’re on either side of her at night (when she sleeps like a rock anyway. A still rock. (As opposed to, I suppose, one of those mobile rocks?)); in the morning though she’s between me and a body pillow.

The day when she’s put to sleep in the crib for her own safety is definitely approaching. I just hope it won’t have to be until after she stops needing to nurse every couple of hours at night.

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