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2006-06-28 - 9:40 a.m.

I just tried the ďSuperbabyĒ game that J is so adept at; I lifted Grommet over my head with a ďWhee!Ē andÖ splat! A small stream of spitup perfectly targeted my right eye. I think Iíll leave the baby-flying to her daddy.


Itís odd to think that in about a month weíll be starting the Grom on solids. Iíll keep nursing as well, but at around six months Iíll cease to become her only source of nourishment.

On the one hand, it makes me a tad wistful Ė right now, every eyelash, every ounce of yummy baby flesh, was built from building blocks I provided, and I think that is so cool. Also, weíll be saying goodbye to the pooping-once-or-twice-a-week routine and I am given to understand that the poop she will produce on solid food will be, erm, more objectionable to boot.

On the other hand, well, itís kind of time. She eats more often than she used to in order to keep up with the demands of growing ever larger. Time was, she ate every 3 hours; now she only goes that long between feeds a couple of times a day and itís more like every hour or two. She stares and drools at anything I put in my mouth. She might not know what it tastes like but she seems pretty convinced that it must be good, or at least better than what sheís getting now. And itíll free me up somewhat when thereís something J will be able feed her if she gets hungry. Iíll be able to go back to the gym more and maybe even see the odd friend or run the odd errand without her.

Itís hard to think of her growing up. Soon sheíll be rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, eating real food, etc. and these things are exciting to contemplate, but... right now I turn my head and see her in her crib, her little jaw moving rhythmically as she sucks in her sleep, and I think, I donít care if you just puked in my eye, you are perfect just as you are.


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