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Double whammy.

2006-05-28 - 12:24 a.m.

Ohmigod, just shoot me now. Today I did two things which, well, one their own might be manageable, but both on the same day? Insanity.

First, it was the Great Glebe Garage Sale and the best way to cover it is by bike. This is normally not something I even think about because by now Iíve always been out on my bike for a good while and my butt and, uh, girl parts are used to it. My muscles have adapted but, more importantly, the parts of me that are bounced and jounced on the seat have had chance to get used to the abuse. This year I havenít had a chance because Grommet and I are always together and sheís too young for a bike trailer or add-on seat, so I end up walking the stroller.

This evening though was the second and sharper edge of the sword: I ran the MDS Nordion 10K. I do it every year. This year, however, I hadnít trained. Not a single step. The last time I ran was the MDS Nordion 10K last year, which was a mere couple of days before my suspicions that I was pregnant were confirmed. My plan, my SANE, SENSIBLE plan, was to walk it this year. I raised a little money for charity, I might as well walk the circuit. What I didnít count on was my foolish pride and being spurred by the thought of a hungry Grommet waiting for me at the finish line. I ran the first 6 K, walked and ran (but mostly walked) the next couple, then ran the last two.

Now, I use the term ďranĒ quite loosely here. In fact, I wasnít aware that I could actually run that slowly and still be considered running. It was faster than a walk to be sure, but I didnít think I could run for most of that distance and come in at almost an hour and a half. I would have thought that any running gait would be faster than that. I was wrong.

Iím already feeling my folly in my knees, legs, hips, back, and even my ribcage. Still, despite my groans and old-woman shuffle (not to impugn old women mind you; my Granny could walk circles around me), Iím pretty pleased that I stuck it out. Iíve done that run for the last six years and Iíd hate to break with traditionÖ

Ö Aaaand thatís what Iíll have to remind myself of as I stiffen up over the next couple of days.

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