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Movie! And ZAP!

2006-05-31 - 9:29 p.m.

Today J, Grommet and I discovered a new activity: Stars and Strollers. It was awesome! We saw The Da Vinci Code and it was a pretty good movie and kept us out of the muggy heat for a mercifully long time. The coolest thing though was the number of young babies there (“cool” of course being a relative term). I’d been wondering where all the parents of babies Grommet’s age were in this city… well it turns out they’re at the movies.

The theatre had 8 change stations set up just outside the door and they were stocked with 4 sizes of diapers, wipes, tissues, diaper cream, and disinfectant for your hands when you were done. There were also two bottle warmers and a microwave, plus a secure area for stroller parking. The volume was reasonable and there was an employee dedicated to that particular theatre if you needed anything. Sure, there were always some fretting babies - at any given time there were several parents doing the bouncy pace in the corner by the door to lull their offspring to sleep – but it was a minor inconvenience, particularly when you know your sprout could be the next fractious one and you’ll be looked upon with a forgiving eye. There were also tons of moms breastfeeding and cuddling their babies in slings.

Grommet was good as gold. She nursed a little, watched the movie a little, and slept a lot. We are totally hoping for X-men to be showing in a couple of weeks.


Also of note, I had a couple of small red patches on my face zapped by a laser today: vanity, thy name is Shawna. One was right on the bridge of my nose where glasses would rest, the other was on my cheek. They’ve both appeared in the last year but I’m not certain if they were related to my pregnancy or not. All I know is that I was tired of seeing them in photos. They looked like zits, even though they were just tiny patches of visible fine blood vessels. It wasn’t expensive and if it worked it’ll totally have been worth it.

The one on my nose took two pulses; the one on my cheek took one. It was kind of a startling experience. Even with mirrored eye protectors on and my eyes closed I could see the flashes of light, the laser light is that bright. Yes, even from the one on my cheek.

I was told it would feel like an elastic band snap against my skin. The sting may have been comparable but the sensation was not. The closest I can get is this: you know those sparklers you get on birthday cakes or wave around on Canada Day (or the 4th of July in the States)? It was kind of like how you’d imagine it would feel to have one of those just under your skin for a split second. Like a spray of fine, needle-y heat. They stung immediately after and for a little while – kind of like two dots of sunburn - then they got itchy, then nothing. It bruises up pretty much instantly as the fine blood vessels get burned by the laser, then fades like any other bruise would, so that about a week later they should be gone.

Tomorrow: Cirque du Soleil baby!

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