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Race weekend.

2006-05-26 - 10:19 p.m.

This is shaping up to be a busy few days so I figured Iíd better post while I have the chance.

This weekend is the National Capital Race Weekend and Iím registered for the 10K again. Note, I havenít run since the last National Capital Race Weekend a year ago. This year I expect to walk it instead of run it and the main reason Iím even registered is it seems that it has evolved to mean a lot to my father and his sense of self-worth or something. He called at 10:00 pm - way past our bedtime - one night a couple of months ago to ask if Iíd be running or if heíd be running against the clock this year. In the first place, weíd asked him not to call after 8:00 pm just a week earlier; in the second, HELLO, Iíd had a c-section not that long ago, and with a new baby in the house I had bigger things to concern myself with; and in the third, what did it matter if he was going to run the thing anyway?

Iíve told him a few times that Iím not running this year, but heís already said to me, and to my brothers and step-mother, that he doesnít believe me and thinks itís some sort of trick. Just like last year he thought it was a trick when I told him I wouldnít be training because we were trying to conceive and the fertility doctor told me I could exercise but shouldnít to the extent that would be required to train for the 10K. In the end, I was already pregnant when I ran it last year and, though it was too early to confirm, I deliberately slowed down when I was feeling like I was pushing too hard since there was the possibility the Clomid had worked and I suspected I was pregnant.

I registered thinking it would be a fun Fatherís Day present, to get the plaque put on the family trophy and tell him he legitimately won Ďcause Iíd entered and walked it. To be honest, heís been such a jerk about the whole thing, Iím tempted not to bother. Tempted, but I know I will do anyway. If for no other reason than a couple of people sponsored me (it raises money for cancer research) and it wouldnít be right not to do the circuit.

So, Friday evening, visitin with some friends; Saturday morning - the GREAT GLEBE GARAGE SALE (you have to be from here to appreciate that); Saturday evening, the 10K; Sunday morning, get the house ready to be shown to prospective buyers and move some stuff to storage; Sunday afternoon, volleyball at a friend's (J will play and I'll watch - no fan of team sports am I). It makes me tired just thinking about it!

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