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Thirty-three weeks.

2005-12-21 - 8:37 a.m.

The obligatory update on the pregnancy as I hit the 33-week mark (which was yesterday):

Grommet: kicking, pushing and squirming. Last night over dinner was the first time I received one of those hard slow pushes out under my rib cage. Like everyone, I have a floating rib on the bottom. Unlike everyone, mineís always been pretty mobile and I used to be able to tuck it up and under my other ribs, then push my chest out and have it click back into place with an audible pop. This was a fun party trick for grossing out boyfriends, back in the day. Now, it means that the Grom can actually move that bottom rib outwards more than is comfortable.

Grommetís position: perhaps still breech, perhaps not. I canít really tell because Iím getting movement all over. Iím hoping the midwife will be able to say at this Thursdayís appointment, since last time I was told that if Grommet hadnít turned by this week an ultrasound would be ordered to figure out for sure. Not that I mind having another peek at Gromís world (and verifying the boy or girl thing), but Iíd be reassured if I could be told one way or the other whether I should be doing all those funky exercises to encourage turning.

The Belly: still growing (surprise, surprise); kind of tender. My ab muscles are definitely feeling the effects of being pushed and stretched. Some days more than others. I swear that Grommet was trying to unzip me from the inside the other night as I was awakened by a pointy bulge moving up and down the midline of my upper abs. It was sore for the rest of the day.

Ankles: starting to look slightly swollen, even when I get up in the morning. Can the dreaded cankles be far behind?

Hands: also slightly puffy. Iím still wearing my wedding ring but am trying to keep a close eye on it so that I donít get caught in the situation where I have to have it cut off. Right now it feels fine on, but very tight over the knuckle when I shimmy it off and on.

Back: still sore by the end of the day, but not markedly more so than a week ago.

Grommetís Room: still the office/guest room. People, we have nothing. Well, okay, we have one SwaddleMe wrap (recommended by Sundry), and one t-shirt, plus a few unopened packages under the tree, but really, compared to all the stuff weíll need? Zippo! Now that our due date is 7 weeks away we are starting to feel the pressure when people ask us if the nursery is ready and if Iíve got my hospital bag packed. Even knowing that 7weeks = 1 Ĺ months does not seem to help relieve the slight and growing anxiety around this. My Dad said heíd buy us the crib but itís still sitting there on our registry and itís a 6-week wait for delivery. Tick tock!

Hospital bag: not packed. See above.

Prenatal classes: Done!

Exercise efforts: Ongoing but fading. Iíve gone from teaching two weightlifting classes, plus taking one regular yoga class per week, plus walking and biking everywhere, to waddling only short distances and I am still looking for a kinder, gentler substitute for the classes. I went swimming last weekend and I attended another prenatal yoga class this past weekend but so far nothing has really grabbed me. The swimming aggravated my heartburn, walking is often uncomfortably ďbouncyĒ, and Iíve yet to really click with a prenatal yoga class. Iím probably going to try another tonight.

Excitement/nervousness: mounting.

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