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The big chop.

2005-12-19 - 12:43 p.m.

I have been shorn of about half a foot of my hair length and it feels sooooo good!

I woke up Sunday morning and looked at my hair. After idly playing with it for awhile, seeing if I could tug on either side of a split end and split the hair all the way down the middle, I decided that enough was enough: it was time to do something about the sorry state it was in.

As Iíve mentioned before, my long-held image of myself as a pregnant person included flowing, earth-mother hair. To that end Iíve been letting it grow. This hasnít really worked for me, especially since a lot of my hair fell out when I went off the Pill (have I mentioned this before? Itís true, I lost, like, a quarter of my hair and had to go from looping a hair elastic 3 times to hold it, to looping it 4 times), so the top was pretty full, but then it thinned out a lot once it got even with my neck and past my shoulders.

Now that the end of the pregnancy and the Christmas holidays are nigh, and Iím about to be immortalized on film at various holiday/shower/birth occasions, I decided I needed a change. I needed a cut that would flatter my slightly-rounding chin (normally more square, but with the baby weight Iím finding that Iím softening and rounding a bit all over) and fit in with my lifestyle. Determinedly, I called a nice, upscale spa yesterday and booked myself in.

I tried a new approach to procuring myself the ideal cut and it worked out quite nicely if I do say so myself. I declined browsing through the magazines ďfor ideasĒ when I got there Ė who knows what kind of hair the model has, but Iím betting itís not fine, brown, and poker-straight, with a tendency to grow straight forward from the crown Ė and opted instead to describe what I need from my hair to the stylist and let her get a look at what kind of hair I had, then it was up to her to figure out how to fill those needs.

ďI have a brush and some gel in my bathroom and I own a blowdryer only because my husband had one when we got together. I work in an office but to get there I wear a toque so anything puffy will get squashed as soon as I leave the house. Iím giving birth in about 7 weeks and wonít have a lot of time for fussing after that, but between now and then Iíll be having my picture taken at Christmas, a wedding, and probably a couple of showers so I need to be able to dress it up a little bit. Oh and Iíd be mighty disappointed to leave here with fabulous hair that I can never again replicate on my own.Ē

And you know what? She got it! She heard what I was saying, gave me a shortish-medium length cut that I could flip out at the bottom, showed me exactly how to apply some gel and blow dry it, and even warned me that sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldnít and if I wanted to wrestle a few locks that wouldnít do what they were supposed to, this is the product sheíd use. She didnít put hairspray since I donít own any.

How cool is she? And the cut was only fifty bucks, which might be pricey for a Supercuts or something, but is pretty reasonable for a trŤs upscale salon. Iíve paid that much for a haircut that almost put me in tears before. Iíve paid that for a haircut and not even been able to tell my hair had been cut when I left the place. This is probably one of the best haircuts Iíve ever had and it was worth every penny.

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