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Latest from the midwifery front.

2005-11-04 - 4:35 p.m.

Midwife appointment yesterday. You know what brings home the fact that youíre getting closer to the due date? Being told that itís time to start going for appointments every two weeks instead of every month.

I was kinda surprised because I thought that they bumped up the frequency starting at 30 weeks, but there are apparently some standard tests they discuss with us at 28 weeks that we can have if we choose, and so since we were at 26 weeks this week, itís every two weeks until we get reeeaaallly close, and then itís every week.

I really like this second midwife whoís part of our 2-midwife tag-team. I hope sheís the one on call the week we end up going into labour. Unfortunately, we canít get rid of the other without getting rid of this one so itíll be a coin toss when the time actually comes as to whether we get our most favourite or least favourite midwife.

Hey, hereís something cool: I got a prescription for pregnancy massage for my back pain. This means I can be reimbursed by my benefits for 80% of massage therapy services, up to a maximum of $300 per calendar year. Woot!

Something else cool, they checked the height of my fundus (and doesnít that sound vaguely dirty? It just means how high the top of my uterus is.) and itís, like, way above my belly button now. I had an idea Ďcause Iíd started to feel kicks, etc. higher up, but itís still a little startling. Itís probably about 3 inches above my navel so itís getting on up towards the bottom of my ribs. As I goggle downwards at this marker, I think to myself how all that space used to be occupied by me, so where, other than slightly outwards, am I going as this baby takes over my gutsí real estate? Thatís a freaky thought right there, Iíll tell you.

I donít know if Iíve ever mentioned this here, but most physical things about me are very, very average. Iím average height. My shoe size is the most common for womenís shoes. My bra size is the most common. I wear the most common dress size. So it should come as no surprise to find out that the Grom is following almost exactly the average growth pattern for a fetus (as measured by the couple of ultrasounds weíve had, the heartrates that have been recorded, and my fundus height). Iím hoping that means sheís on track for an average birth weight in the neighbourhood of seven pounds. Of course, the midwife was quick to point out that the size of the baby only plays a small role in how easy or fast a birth is. Nevertheless, Iíve known a lot of people that have had a lot of big babies lately, and Iím thinking between 7 and 8 pounds sounds just jimdandy to me. Of course, whether heís a whopper of a baby or not, Iím still going to be stuck with the labour/delivery that comes, no matter what.

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