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2005-11-08 - 2:24 p.m.

27 weeks down, 13 to go.

At Jís request, this week I made a list of people Iíd want to have at a baby shower. Iím not sure what kind of shower to expect (other than the fact I want NO games and I want my guy friends to be invited as well, no matter what) so I gave him a list with a bunch of categories such as Family, Close Friends (who would be invited to the most intimate of gatherings), and Other Friends (who Iíd love to see and would use the excuse of a shower to get them to come out, but who I might feel funny about obligating to bring a gift). I guess for the last category Iíd let them know if there was an open-house, drop-in style of gathering, but that can always wait for the spring and a ďwelcome Grommet to the worldĒ open house weíll probably have in lieu of a christening (future post on my take on religion will be forthcoming something in the next couple of months). Oh yeah, and I also have a Jís Friends category of people he can decide if heíd want to have invited to a shower Ė Iím not particularly close to them but theyíve been friends with him for quite awhile and he may want to invite them to something, or they may even want to hold a separate small thing since they donít tend to mix much outside their little circle. Iím not convinced that we should have a shower for Family and make cousins and aunts and uncles feel obligated to get us something either: if they want to get us something they will and if they donít they wonít and thatís all there is to it.

Despite all these grand ideas and speculation, I still have trouble imagining a shower actually being pulled off. The friends I have that would coordinate such a thing donít have ready access to space for it and the ones that have space I couldnít see coordinating. I have always felt fortunate in the fantastic people I have as good friends, but they donít really know each other very well: I tend to see them in pairs and small groups. This has always made it difficult to pull off group gatherings when Iím coordinating, and Iím the one that knows them all.

The other thing is that, since weíre due on the 7th of February, the timing might be difficult to pull off. A couple of my closest friends would have to drive quite a distance and they might have more of a chance to do that over the holidaysÖ on the other hand, can they spare the time over the holidays, which are usually pretty busy? And pretty expensive, for that matter, so a gift-giving occasion in January when the bills are just coming in might pinch. Some of Jís friends are getting married on the 30th of December so that makes it even more complicated in terms of timing for anything that would involve that set of folks.

Well, I guess thatís up to my friends to decide for themselves and the timing is out of my hands since Iím not the one organizing anything. Despite the fact Iím finally getting a handle on this whole registry thing, Iíve also mentioned to a few people that Iím totally down with second-hand gifts, gifts of some time and a helping hand when I need it, or no gifts at all. As great and useful as Iím sure gifts picked out by thoughtful friends would be, what Iím really looking forward to about a shower is a chance to see people that I like spending time with, before I become a package deal and have to attend to the needs of a wee being at all moments of the day (at least until decent gaps between feedings when the Grom can be left with Dad for short periods of time).

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