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2005-11-03 - 10:07 a.m.

Dear Man on the Bus This Morning,

Thank you for restoring a bit of my faith in the courtesy of Ottawa men by practically lunging from your seat when I got on the bus this morning. Though it confirms my suspicions that Iím getting increasingly rotund, your gesture was much appreciated.


That surprised looking waddler


Dear Sister In-law,

I apologize for being a bit prickly at dinner last weekend, but I was not shuffling my chair closer to the table to ďhideĒ my Belly as you suggested Ė I love the Belly and parade it around with pride. Even before getting pregnant I was looking forward to cutting a wake through a crowd with my round Belly as my prow. For the record, I was trying to get an angle where I wasnít leaning forward so far, so that some pressure would be taken off my back.

And I didnít decline to have my picture taken because I thought I looked bad pregnant Ė I encourage your brother to take lots of pictures of me. Rather, I had just eaten a meal and I felt way too full and yucky to want to have a picture of me taken which would have been at an unflattering angle, with a flash to shine off my face, and clearly showed meal detritus in the foreground. Iíve never been a fan of the ďpost meal at the tableĒ picture. You want a picture of J and I? Offer to take one outside, pre-meal, in good, natural lighting. Preferably from slightly above. Iíd be happy to oblige.

In my defense, it didnít help my mood that your father tried to ďplayfullyĒ slap my hand away when I reached for the nacho chips and salsa with a declaration that it was ďfatteningĒ.

I canít explain why you make me a bit defensive when I know you have nothing but the best of intentions, but itís something Iím trying to work on.

With love and (occasionally exasperated) affection,

That Alien Woman that Married Your Brother


Dear Grommet,

This isnít another of those long letters, I just wanted you to know that today when I was slowly waking up I put my hand on my Belly and felt you not just kick, but move along under my skin. Usually youíve just pushed out; this time you pushed out a few inches above my belly button and moved sideways before disappearing back into the depths of the Belly, kind of like a sharkís fin that breaks the surface of the water for a few seconds. That feeling was both as cool and freaky as it sounds.

I canít wait until I can start figuring out which part of you is sticking out when. I love feeling your movement inside me (partly as itís not waking me up yet. Heh.); it always makes me think youíre going, ďHere I am!Ē and I never feel alone.




Dear J,

I know that our family is about to expand and become richer in ways we canít imagine yet. But I canít help but try to hold on to our tiny kingdom of two and savour it as much as I can for the moment. No matter how long we tried to conceive, or how welcome Grommet will be, I know that these are the last days weíll have to be truly alone together for a very, very long time and I do love being alone with you. I know we wanted to get away for a trip together before Grommet arrives and I know that itís looking less and less likely that there will be a convenient time for us to do that, what with the approaching Christmas season and then Iíll be too far along to fly, but you know what? I donít really care. Spending time with you is the best thing I do and we can do that at home and in small ways throughout the week.

I know youíll be the best Dad ever, but youíre already the best husband ever as far as Iím concerned, and I donít take that for granted.



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