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Kicking but no screaming. (yet...)

2005-09-27 - 12:26 p.m.

Im going to be trs busy until the end of tomorrow, so I just wanted to touch base on a few things while I have the chance:

First and coolest, J felt the baby kick for the first time this past Saturday! Id noticed that I could feel the stronger ones from the outside with my hand, so I waited until Grommet was squirming around and suggested trying. With Js hand on my lower belly we waited, aflutter with anticipation. Our conversation went something like:

S Did you feel that?
J No.
S Did you feel that?
J No.
J What was THAT?!?
S You caught that one did you?
J And THAT!?!
S Thats kicking!
Secondly, the kicks have started moving around. While Ive felt them near the bottom of the Belly since they started, just in the last couple of days Ive gotten a few higher up; some just under my belly button. I suppose this makes sense because according to this site, at 21 weeks (which Im at today), my uterus has now grown to the point that the fundus (the top of the uterus) is now about a centimeter above my navel, so I guess its now in range whereas it wasnt before. Personally, I prefer the more fanciful explanation of the Grom doing all kinds of acrobatics and lazy flips in there and kicking out madly in all directions.

Thirdly, we have our mid-gestation ultrasound today! (I wont likely have a chance to post about it until Thursday though, so dont get worried if you dont see anything about it right away.) Were hoping to find out if Groms a boy or girl but I think were going to tell the technician that, while we do want to know and wouldnt mind if we accidentally saw, wed really like it if she or he could put the answer in an envelope for us to open on Js birthday on Monday (October 3rd). I just think it would be kind of a cool thing to find out on your birthday, yknow?

Speaking of birthdays, Js is the big three-oh so any well-wishing emails to him that come via my email will be passed on (hint, hint). And mine is on the following Sunday (October 9th), just in case anyones keeping score at home. Thats right, for five whole days were going to be officially only 2 years apart in age, then its back to 3. Two of my closest friends are also born on the 3rd so I guess its a compatible date, star-sign-wise, with me.

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