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Coming out at my other job.

2005-09-23 - 2:33 p.m.

The Grommet is totally out of the bag at the gym now – there was an instructors’ meeting last night and it was the first since I’d started showing. A lot of people came up and slyly asked if there’d been any new “developments” in my life while casting significant glances navel-ward. One great benefit of being finally obviously pregnant was that when one woman who’s about my size and quite stylish heard that I’m still very short on maternity clothes, she took my email address and told me she’d get in touch with me ‘cause she has tons of them and no plans to expand her family further beyond the three kids she’s already got. Yay! I hope she remembers and follows through.

It’s funny but amongst a group of “average” people, there’s a decent chance that there would have been a good deal of wondering if I was pregnant or just built to carry weight this way. There are still people that don’t even notice, depending on what I’m wearing. Among a group of fitness professionals however, the automatic assumption for the cause of my new shape is pregnancy because what female fitness instructor of my age would suddenly start ballooning at the belly otherwise?

I really do enjoy these city-wide meetings, even though they’re inconveniently late in the evening. As an instructor, the only other instructors I see much of are the ones with classes immediately before or immediately after mine. The city-wides are the only chance we really have to all get together. Though I’ve never spent enough time with any one instructor to become close friends with any of them, after teaching with the company for three years I’ve had the opportunity to get casually acquainted with a lot of them. Though they’re a very diverse group, what they have in common is that they’re all nice and pretty outgoing. If I had a chance to spend more time with some of them I’d like to think I’d take it, busy though I am.

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