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Womb with a view.

2005-09-29 - 11:16 a.m.

No matter what my midwife says, ultrasounds rock! J and I could have spent hours Grommet-gazing and not gotten bored.

The wee smout is sooo much bigger than last time. We saw kidneys and lungs and four tiny chambers of a beating heart. We saw brains and bones! You know, it occurs to me that we got the kind of detailed, intimate look at the inside of our kid that we may never get again. From birth onwards, I only want outside views, thank-you-very-much.

We also saw gender-parts but, despite avid scrutiny from both of us, neither J nor I could figure out what we were looking at (I have a suspicion but nowhere near the confidence in it to make the prediction). Fortunately the technician is much better versed at this sort of interpretation and was willing to indulge us: we have the answer to whether they were girl parts or boy parts in a sealed envelope, to be opened on J’s birthday Monday. Unfortunately there is no accompanying parts-picture in that envelope – I didn’t think fast enough to get the tech to save it and include it – so I’ll just have to miss out on posting a picture of my child’s private bits on the internet. I’m sure he or she will eventually be very relieved about this.

We could tell that the Grom is pretty flexible (as I suppose anyone stuck in a small space like that would have to be) as he appeared to keep kneeing himself in the nose as he squirmed and twisted, his feet stretched over his head. He was not so much curled up in a bundle (which is how I picture babies in utero), as trying to stretch out straight as much of himself as he could within the confines allowed. The result looked very similar to the yoga position “plow” that I did before falling pregnant*. She has also apparently inherited my habit of crossing her legs at the ankles.


* That “falling” pregnant phrase seems to be a British thing and it makes me laugh. It’s like oops! I tripped and now I’m knocked up. Tra la! If only it were that easy for some of us.


So, I know you’re dying for a peek (who wouldn’t be?)…

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