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Went boom; fell down.

2005-06-21 - 11:35 a.m.

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare – I was in a head-on collision with another bicycle. You know that little back-and-forth shuffle people sometimes do when they are approaching head-on when walking? Yeah, we did that but while biking and neither of us stopped in time. In my defense, I was going the correct way on a one-way street and I veered right to start with, as I think you’re supposed to do. Trouble was, he veered to his left and that started the “dance” back and forth.

Despite the fact that it must have looked pretty bad – several cars and pedestrians stopped to see if we were all right – I was remarkably undamaged, especially compared to the other guy. It was like he and his bike absorbed almost all the momentum from both of us. He hurt his arm (nasty blood-welt) and his cheekbone (apparently the most painful thing). His bike’s front wheel was bent. He was planning on getting checked out at the hospital. He looked at me dazedly, holding the side of his face and said that he’d hit his eye on my helmet. I looked straight back at him and said,

“I’m not sure what you hit on me but it wasn’t my helmet: I’m not wearing one.”

Honestly, I think he connected with the left side of my jaw. I felt something hit around there and I have a small bruise there (as well as above the ear on that side where I think I connected with his helmet). I guess I’m lucky he hit something with a bit of give though ‘cause really, it wasn’t very painful for me.

I have a few, small, hard-to-see bruises (also on the front of both thighs) and my right hand is a little stiff, and the tip of my left ear hurts where I think he caught it with the edge of the visor on his helmet, but that's about it. I wasn't even scraped or dirty because all the forward momentum was spent in the collision so I wasn't traveling forward by the time I hit the ground. My bike was pretty much OK too; I just knocked the front fender off its spokes.

I shouldn’t be too surprised, I suppose, that the other guy suffered more: he was kind of skinny, wearing a fancy helmet and special biking spandex. His bike as well was a sleek, thin, lightweight model. They never really had a chance against muscular, substantial me, and my solid, dependable hybrid bike.

I felt kind of bad about the fact that he seemed to sustain the lion’s share of the damage, though a momentous relief for Grommet’s sake of course. The moment of impact my overriding concern was the fact that I was pregnant and man, I hoped that this wasn’t going to be too bad.

I got off easy for sure.

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