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Too early for carrots revisited: the full Monty entry.

2005-06-09 - 10:29 p.m.

So this is the full entry I wrote last Thursday and the stuff thatís new to you is in bold. Naturally I couldnít post the whole thing until Iíd posted the two Iíd written Tuesday:

I can state with absolute confidence that Iíve never been up and eating carrot sticks before six thirty in the morning before. Oh Iíve been up, but no carrot sticks I can assure you.

I havenít slept well lately. Three of the last four nights Iíve been comfortable in bed, yet unable to sleep. On Sunday night I know what the problem was Ė I had a bubble tea and didnít think about the fact that it had green tea in it. I never thought I was unduly affected by caffeine until I practically eliminated it from my diet once we started trying, then had just the rare drink that contained it. Now, a glass of bubble tea drunk at 7 in the evening can keep me up until 2 am apparently.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I popped awake at 3:30 am. With the day length reaching its peak this month, the sun and the birds rise early and it seems that traffic on the nearby highway starts to pick up early as well. Add to this that itís only recently become warm enough at night here to sleep with the windows open, and that means that this week Iíve had to start making the adjustment to summer sleeping conditions Ė more noise plus a breeze wafting over me.

Of course, it doesnít help that I canít stop my mind from latching on to the fact that Iím pregnant (eeee!!) as soon as it starts to rouse from sleep. The fact that it pops into my head constantly during the day means that itís hard enough focusing at work while trying to learn my new job; when Iím trying to sleep itís almost impossible not to get distracted and let my mind race.

At least this morning I managed to stay sleeping until 5:30, when Jís shower intruded into my consciousness. At that point, however, game over. I gave in at around a quarter after six and decided to come and write to you guys since I know Iíll have a busy day at work and wonít be able to update later. The carrot-stick snack came about because I was thirsty and went to get some apple juice, then decided to quell my grumbling tummy by eating something as well. I figured carrot sticks were healthy and would put something in my belly because ďA good breakfast is the start to a good dayĒ.

The only symptoms Iíve been experiencing are a twinge of nausea from time-to-time, and the odd cramp-like feeling in my belly. While I was actually experiencing the former last week, it was the latter feeling that convinced me initially that we hadnít been successful and that my cycle would end soon. But, day after day, my basal body temperature stayed up and now I know that the nausea wasnít in my head and that the twinges Iím feeling are, in fact, pregnancy-related. Itís odd to find myself alternately hungry and green-around-the-gills, sometimes in rapid succession. The other day I came perilously close to tossing my cookies because of a lurid discussion with my co-op student about oatmeal and its flavour and texture.

What I want to know is, where is that famed fatigue thatís supposed to kick in early in the first trimester? Shouldnít I be sleeping more and not less?

Tonight J and I have a date. He had hockey on Monday, we had plans with other people on Tuesday, and he had hockey plus I taught at the gym last night. Friday weíre celebrating his best friendís birthday, then Saturday Iím leaving for southern Ontario to mix business with pleasure: Iím combining a work trip for a meeting on Monday with a visit with my best friend Jo and her family. Since I wonít be back until about midnight on Monday, we figure weíd better seize the opportunity tonight to spend some quality time together while we have the chance. Our plan is to bike along the canal and go for dinner in Ottawaís Little Italy, then maybe bike all the way back to either Elgin St. or the Market for gelato.

I havenít told J yet about the pregnancy Ė my plan is to tell him tonight. Iím all a-wriggle with anticipation. I find myself rehearsing the scene and imagining his reaction over and over. And I canít stop myself from plotting who to tell, when, and how (my doctor will have to be called immediately, the midwifery group too; my boss will have to be let in on it pretty early if Iím going to be going to appointments, and sheíll need to know why if I start to get distracted or if I start running out of meetings to throw up; family weíll want to tell (no pun intended) relatively early but definitely face-to-face; etc.), even in the wee hours of the morning.

At any rate, my alarm is going off soon so Iíd better post this and get on with my dayÖ

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