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Spreading the news - J, my mom and my grandmother

2005-06-10 - 9:35 p.m.

My eyes managed to not pop open until 6:30 am this morning – that’s only an hour before my alarm goes off, people!

J’s reaction to the news on Thursday was awesome. I think he got a little suspicious when I started capering around him with an unexpected gift – wrapped even! – and whipped out a camera to record the opening of said gift. However, when he unwrapped it he missed the “Practical Handbook for New Dads” subtitle and only took in the “Be Prepared” part of the title and the guy in the flannel lumberjack shirt on the front, so he was still confused. The bookmark I’d included left no doubt though and I think I got a picture of his face at the moment he realized exactly what it all meant.

I can’t wait to get those pictures developed.

We spent the evening together trying to let it sink in. I still don’t know that it has.

Since then we’ve told a few friends and last night an impromptu visit to my mom’s by my grandmother resulted in an invitation to dinner, and an irresistible opportunity to spring the news on them both. They were happy but both a little stunned I think. There were a few pauses followed by a forceful reiteration by one or the other that it was good news. My mom, rather pessimistically I thought, exclaimed a couple of times that she’d given up and hadn’t expected us to ever have kids. Now, I know we’ve been trying for awhile, and I know I recently had brought her into the loop on the whole Clomid thing, but it seems to me that to give up before even the first round of treatment is over is kind of premature. I guess I don’t want her to just be happy for me; I want her to be happy for herself at the addition to her family. Does that make sense? But hey, whatever, right? At least she seems okay with it and I think her slight ambivalence will tip towards enthusiasm as time goes on.

My grandmother too said she had sort of given up; that she’d assumed we were trying for a long time and that at this point it probably wasn’t going to happen. She even went so far as to say that she’s speculated from time-to-time over the last year as to whether I was pregnant or not because she’d thought that I was looking “a little chubby”. Thanks Granny. Sheesh. For the record, I am no heavier now than I’ve been in the last few years and in fact I weigh less now then I did a year ago.

All that aside though, they seemed cautiously pleased about the whole thing. I’m hoping that my dad is a bit more whole-heartedly enthused but I suppose I shouldn’t set my expectations too high – he’s never been keen on being a grandfather since it would make him feel “old”. We’ll be telling him on Father’s Day. I expect my stepmother to be very excited, so that’s something to look forward to. And J’s family will be gathering for the second weekend in July so we’ll be letting them know then and they’ll be really, really keen. His dad’s already had a chance to transform into a doting grandparent and I know J’s sister will be thrilled at the thought of her daughter having cousins.

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