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Sialolithiasis anyone?

2005-05-27 - 5:16 p.m.

So the sore cheek? A stone in my salivary gland! (See the link I posted yesterday for more info.) How weird is that? Itís the sort of thing you only hear of if it happens to you or someone you know (or someone whose journal you read, I guess). Iíd heard of kidney and bladder stones before Ė particularly when I coordinated research for the urology group at the hospital Ė but Iíd never realized that you could get stones in the glands that produce spit.

The doctor said that the pop followed by the draining meant that it had worked its way through the salivary duct on its own. There was no point in ultrasounding my cheek, the usual thing to diagnose for sure when someone presents with my symptoms, since it was gone by that point. If it happens again Iím to, get this, suck on a lemon! I thought that it might dissolve the stone but no, it makes oneís mouth water a lot and pushes the stone through faster. If a stone gets lodged and wonít work its way free on its own, I have no idea what they do. I understand the condition can become quite painful.

Of course, my husband has seized on this as further proof that I donít drink enough fluids Ė something I already admitted was a factor in the large number of urinary tract infections Iíve gotten over the years. My doctor however, says that these ďjust happenĒ and thereís no conclusive reason why.


Iím quasi-looking forward to tomorrow evening and the annual 10K race my dad and I participate in for the family trophy. On doctorís orders, I havenít been training so I donít expect to go very fast this year. In fact, in my dream last night I took a full hour and 20 minutes Ė 22 minutes slower than my normal ďcomfortableĒ pace. I did do an 8K practice run a few weeks ago, but thatís all the running Iíve done this year. I was surprised to find that I was relatively comfortable for the full 8K so I donít expect to do too badly tomorrow.

Iím whole-heartedly looking forward to (dum dah DUM!) the Great Glebe Garage Sale tomorrow morning. I wait all year for it. I just hope it doesnít rain. Iíd rather have rain on my run than during the sale. I have my plan of attack all mapped out and Iím specifically looking for tops I can wear to work, capris and shorts. Think I wonít find them? Think again. I rarely donít manage to find at least part of my ďhit listĒ.

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