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2005-05-25 - 1:19 p.m.

Lately Iíve been feeling the odd twinge of nausea. Maybe Iím pregnant! But then I look at my calendar and realize it has to be either something else or all in my head: there simply hasnít been time for implantation to have happened and I wouldnít expect any symptoms until then. As far as I know, a little blastocyst floating happily around has no way to transmit any chemical messages to my body to make its presence felt.

On another, maybe related note, my cheek is kind of sore. It started a week ago Friday and hasnít been constant or anything, but itís been on and off since then. You know when you havenít had anything to eat in awhile and your mouth is kind of dry, then you bite into something sour and your cheeks ache as your salivary glands kick into high gear? Yeah, thatís what it feels like, but when I eat anything. And itís tender when I poke at it and I think maybe thereís a small lump there. I figured that it was maybe a deep, deep zit; the kind you feel but donít necessarily see right away. I wasnít looking forward to it showing up but it never has Ė it just stays in the middle of my cheek. I know, courtesy of my careful basal body temperature monitoring, that I donít have a fever (I believe that the slight elevation for the last week isnít enough to attribute to fever). So, it may be alarmist and it may indeed be a zit or something but after a week and a half I was convinced by a co-worker that it might be worth looking into. Lord knows, the information to be found on the internet only serves to make one more alarmed, so Iím going to let my doctor tell me Iím being a hypochondriac baby. My appointment is tomorrow afternoon.


Update a few hours later: So my cheek was feeling more and more sore, then, all of a sudden I yawned and felt this weird popping sensation in my cheek, followed by a flood of spit on that sideÖ and now my cheek feels normal again. I zipped to the bathroom mirror before I swallowed to see if the saliva was cloudy or *shudder* pus-like, but nope, it just looked like clear spit. So, maybe the duct from my salivary glands is getting blocked by something? My face feels totally normal now. Should I go to the doctor anyway tomorrow? I hate going for something silly, yet this has come and gone for awhile at this point. Of course, the only thing thatís been different for me lately is the Clomid but I donít see how that could have been the cause of this. Maybe Iíll wait and see how I am tomorrow morning.

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