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Still up, long weekend, and birthday props.

2005-05-24 - 1:51 p.m.

When we last left our heroine, she’d noted a sudden and encouraging rise in her basal body temperature. Happily, that temperature has remained above the magic 98 degree line since then.

Conclusion = Ovulation, bay-beh!

That will be confirmed, hopefully, by the blood test for progesterone her doubting-Thomas doctor needs to see before he’ll believe something so low-tech as a basal body temperature chart.

So, that having been said we’re back to the endless question: cramps = implantation? Or cramps = PMS? Only time will tell. Or a home pregnancy test that I figure I’ll have to take by this Saturday morning at the latest so I know if I’m in the clear to run my annual 10K that evening. You know, the one I won by default against my father last year?

This weekend just past was a long one up here. Excruciatingly long at times. The weather was cold and rainy and my sister Spider and I were forced into each other’s company for Three. Days. Solid. I try not to write anything here that will hurt anyone’s feelings if they were to discover it, but I don’t think it would surprise her to find me writing that we just do not bring out the best in each other. If you look up “sibling rivalry” in the dictionary there’d be a picture of us trying to shove each other out of the frame.

She recently lost 40 pounds (“No I haven’t,” I can hear her chide as if I’m a moron, “I’ve only lost 39.” Dude, whatever.) This is equivalent to just over a third of her current body weight and almost a quarter of her former body weight. She lost it in about 6 months. I personally think that’s too much, too fast, but no one else seems worried. I don’t know if that’s me being a worry wart or if it’s attributable to the “thin is better NO MATTER WHAT” mentality of everyone else.

Ironically, her guy-she’s-been-swearing-WASN’T-her-boyfriend-for-the-last-two-years-but-now-that-he’s-dating-someone-else-she’s-heartbroken-about “dumped” her after she lost the weight. Everyone is saying she looks better than she has in years, and the guy goes and starts seeing someone else. Fickle man. Of course, he’s trying to keep her around as backup by saying he can still see them having a future together in a few years. Bah. She’s sooooo much better off without him. I just hope she sees that soon.

Shout out to my awesome Mom, whose birthday it is today. And if I don’t write tomorrow or the next day, I’ll do a quick nod to my oldest brother who’ll be fifteen tomorrow and my niece who’ll be one the next day. Happy Birthday crew.

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