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Running and hoping.

2005-05-29 - 9:07 a.m.

I ran the MDS Nordion 10K yesterday at the National Capital Race Weekend. I donít know my finish time for sure Ė the results havenít been posted online yet Ė but I do know itís somewhere around the one hour, ten minute mark. While this is the first time (out of six) Iíve taken over an hour, itís also the first time Iíve run it without any training, doctorís orders. The only other time Iíve run this year is a practice 8K when I knew for sure I wasnít pregnant a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised then that Iíd been able to run without walking for so long, given that I hadnít practiced at all. Yesterday too, I didnít slow down to a walk at any point. I did, however, get passed by the 70 minute pace bunny when I was almost exactly halfway and I spent the last 5 kilometers trying not to let him get a lead on me but watching in frustration as he pulled away by inches. That damn bunny might have beaten me but itís the ďchipĒ time that counts as far as Iím concerned and, even though the counter said roughly an hour and 12 minutes when I crossed the finish line (which would be my ďgunĒ time), I know it took me over 2 minutes to get across the start line and the chip time measures start line to finish line. So, I figure Iím somewhere under an hour and ten for sure.

My father, however, smoked me as usual. He was a shade under 55 minutes. Iím going to have to get our family trophy engraved in time for Fatherís Day. When heíd dragged his heels until August to get it to me last year (see this old entry for an explanation as to why I ďwonĒ last year), I threatened to keep if for a full year and give it to him in August this year if he won. But in reality, I know how much this means to him and Fatherís Day is the best, most logical time to make the presentation. Besides, I donít want to be petty. Well I do, actually, but Iím resisting the temptation.

You know what the fact I ran yesterday means though, right? I took the pregnancy test that morning and it was a negative result. A resounding positive and I would have been taking it a lot slower. Still, my basal body temperature remains up and as long as it does I still have hope for this cycle. I suspect Iíll waste a fair amount of money on tests because I wonít be able to wait long between them. I know I should give it at least few days and then test again Ė waiting a few days could only either give the hormones a chance to build up in my system so that I get a positive, or give my period a chance to get here. If I am pregnant this month, waiting a few days to find out wonít make me any less pregnant, after all. In reality, Iím planning on buying a few tests today and I suspect Iíll be going through them almost daily for the next little while. I simply cannot stand the SUSPENSE!!!

Anyhoo, I have a couple of friends running the marathon and it started at 7am today so Iím heading over soon to see them finish. Iíll let you know how my first day on my newest job goes as soon as I get a chance this week.

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