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98 point 3 Fahrenheit degrees.

2005-05-19 - 11:59 a.m.

Of course, the day I missed taking my temperature could well have been the day it would have shown a dip, because today itís up to a whopping 98.3 degrees. Woo hoo?

If youíre actually following along with my little trying-to-conceive saga at home, Iím afraid you are stuck with the minor ups and downs. Itís hard to rein in the small spurts of hope that accompany any little development. Today, for instance, I know that one reading at 98.3 degrees doesnít mean anything in and of itself. Until Iíve stayed over 98 for three days in a row, I canít conclude that I did, in fact ovulate. BUT the first day it goes over 98, I canít stop this could be IT! from entering my head. And even staying over 98 degrees for three days in a row shouldnít be that exciting because, a) Dr. Hubris, in his ďprofessional opinion,Ē doesnít believe in BBT charts and doesnít think Iím ovulating and b) even if Iíve ovulated, it doesnít mean that fertilization happened. Supposedly, if my temperature remains elevated for 18+ days in a row, then Iíll have something to be cautiously optimistic about.

Even knowing all this, I get a minor squee when I see that first elevated temperature, and then another when it hits the third day of being elevated. Every day after that I mentally cross my fingers when I stick the thermometer in my mouth; címon, stay up there, I think.

And then the day it drops, I donít burst out into tears of anything, but I do feel that small letdown. Every time, itís a small mental doh!

I try not to let these reactions, the ups or the downs, show in my ďreal lifeĒ interactions, not even with J, who knows almost every thought that enters my head (and doesnít even mind that fact). Though a lot of people have an idea that weíre trying, can you imagine having to hope along with a friend, and then find an appropriate response to her disappointment EVERY CYCLE? I bet youíd be at a loss and it would get kind of tiresome after awhile.

So, Iíve got you, internet, to share these things with. You donít have to listen, but it helps me to get it out there. And I am comforted by the odd email that floats my way from a kind reader who sympathizes and even empathizes because theyíre going through, or have gone through, something similar.

Today, Iím pleased at the temperature climb. I donít know what to expect though since this is my first cycle with Clomid. I donít know if the pills I took for those 5 days near the beginning can still be monkeying with my temperature; I donít know if the temperature change means anything different than in non-medicated cycles, or even if I should be more hopeful this time because it means that the medication is working. I do know that I feel more optimistic about this last fact than I did yesterday and that a blood test for my progesterone level scheduled for this Saturday might show better results than Iíd been letting myself hope for. Since today is day 22 of this cycle and according to this site, ďIn most patients, ovulation appears to occur from 6 to 12 days after completion of therapy,Ē so an elevated temperature today would put ovulation yesterday or the day before (days 20 or 21), just within the predicted window.

Oh the suspense.

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