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Sole Responsibility - a great idea.

2005-05-18 - 12:56 p.m.

Are you like me and have 3 or 4 pairs of old running/workout shoes that are too flattened to work out in safely, but just canít bear to throw them out? Are you in Ottawa, or will you be in Ottawa before May 31st; especially for the National Capital Race Weekend from the 26th to the 29th of May? Hereís a great ideaÖ

Sole Responsibility

Old running or walking shoes are being collected at numerous locations across Ottawa (check the website for places) and will be shipped for distribution to Darfur refugees in Chad.

I love this idea because Iíve got a lot of old runners and hate waste, but would happily part with them for charity. My husband will love this idea because heís sick of seeing so many old runners around the house. Itís a win-win situation.


In other news, my temperatureís still down so I donít think the Clomid did much this month. Itíll have to be confirmed with the blood draw this weekend but my moneyís on Dr. Hubris upping my dosage next time around.

As a side note Ė oddly, in the last two days two different people have remarked on how ďhealthyĒ I look these days. I donít know why this is (I hope itís not because I look "corn fed") but I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that Iíve been eating a lot of fruits and veggies and Iíve gotten some sun in the last few weeks. Itís funny but weíre always told these days that tanning isnít good for us Ė yet itís not unusual when I get a light, over-all tan to draw comments on how healthy and good I look.

Also, the new job is starting to look like a reality. The details are still being ironed out but I think both the co-op student who works for me and Iíll be moving offices by the end of next week. Ironically, I just got the notice that Iíve been screened into another competition as well. I think Iíll still write the competition since itís great practice and hey, if I win it Iíd have even more choice and/or leverage when negotiating my final placement in August.

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