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And my arthritis is acting up, and....

2005-05-04 - 1:59 p.m.

Third straight day battling a migraine. Is this Clomid-related? I have no idea. Certainly it started out weather-related but is that still the cause? I was smart enough to get up and take my medication a couple of hours before I needed to leave the house so Iím now at work and feeling relatively OK. I also know I need to re-fill my prescription soon since I only have one Maxalt* tablet left.

Iíve noticed in the last 16 hours or so that my left ear/eustachian tube hurts a bit when I swallow. Of course, yesterday on a terrible daytime TV show they were talking about ear infections so maybe itís, pardon the pun, all in my head. Iíve noticed in the past though that thinking of something will, in fact, conjure it up in short order.

Gee, I havenít had a migraine this cycle!
Wow, Iím so glad I havenít had a urinary tract infection in months!

And thenÖ baboom! There it is! And itís not like itís psychosomatic Ė I do indeed get confirmation of white blood cells in my urine dips in the latter case. (Am I dooming myself just because Iím writing about it now? I sure hope not.)

So, I still donít know if Iím getting side effects from the Clomid. Did I feel warm because I was exerting myself? Because Iím coming down with something? Or is it one of those ďhot flashesĒ that could be a side effect? I suppose that that means my strategy of taking them just before bedtime is working.

Man, listen to me cataloguing my aches and pains like I was everybodyís geriatric, least favourite aunt. Hopefully tomorrow I can be more upbeat.

*Hey, Iíve discovered I have a ďtellĒ if Iím on Maxalt Ė my lips turn blue. Sometimes this is an effect of dehydration as well, but since Maxalt causes dehydrationÖ well, letís just say that when my husband came home yesterday he took one look at me and ordered me to drink something.

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