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Hole in the head.

2005-05-03 - 1:49 p.m.

I took the clomiphene citrate last night. I donít know if I got any side effects from it Ďcause I was already starting a migraine when I took it right before bed. This morning my migraine hadnít gone away so I took some Maxalt and went back to bed. Now I feel better and Iím finally up, but Iím a big grease ball so Iím heading for the shower soon.

Exciting stuff eh? Sorry, the meds are still making me loopy and I feel like Iím writing like a 5th-grader:

My family vacation was fun. We went camping and to Disney World in Florida. We saw Mickey Mouse and went on the ride with the giant teacups. My sister threw up, but I didnít. The end.

Tonight Iím going to the 4th-year recital of a friend of mine. Heís just finishing up his university program where heís majoring in voice. Before tomorrow night Iíve also got to learn the choreography for the last three songs in the newest release of the exercise program I teach. Iím hoping the migraine Iím just coming off of was all weather-related and not actually partially triggered by the Clomid Ďcause I just donít have a lot of spare time this week. Nor do I relish missing work during the first week at my new location.

And oh! Hereís some not-so-nice news: I think I may have my first cavity! I have a small black spot in the middle of one of my back molars. I made an appointment at the dentist to have it looked at. Never having had a cavity, Iím not really sure what to look for, but I always thought it would be similar to what Iím seeing, but no one else seems to think itís actually a cavity, so Iím somewhat mollified. J said a cavity is a big hole in your tooth, not a small black speck, and the dentistís office asked if there was any pain or pressure in that tooth and since there isnít I take that as a good sign. However, whatever it is I couldnít brush it off or even budge it when I scraped it lightly with a pin. I wonít find out for sure until my appointment in a couple of weeks but Iíll be keeping an eye on it. 32 years, no cavities. Thatís a state Iíd like to continue, thank you very much.

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