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It's important to strike just that right note in creating a first impression.

2005-05-02 - 1:03 p.m.

Yay! I can log in from here and continue updating. So...

No, I haven’t taken the Clomid yet. I will do so this evening since the directions don’t specify a time of day and if there are any side effects I’m hoping they’ll be masked by sleep. My boss is away at a funeral today and tomorrow and I need to not be sick if possible so I can hold down the fort here. How do I feel at the prospect of starting this treatment?

I am excited.
I am nervous.
I am trying to strike a balance between optimism and “not jinxing” things by being too positive.

In the meantime, hi new office! Hi new co-op student working for me! Hi new work colleagues! The fact that my fly was down when you met me? (I wish I was kidding.) Does not mean I’m a total social tard.


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