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2005-05-05 - 12:57 p.m.

I am now officially kicking off the Big Birthday Month in my family. Today my youngest brother is entering the terrible teens. Already heís getting less communicative with the family and more into his friends; we are no longer (if we ever were) cool in his eyes. Aw, how precocious. We can only look forward to a few years from now, perhaps in his early twenties, when he might deign to grace us with his presence for after-dinner conversation of his own volition.

Today is also the birthday of an ex of mine, whoís exactly 20 years older than my brother. Heís down in Texas, living in the country with his wife and adorable baby daughter. I was looking at his website today and sending happy birthday vibes his way.

If your ďchampagne birthdayĒ is the one where you turn the age of the day your birthday is on, I wonder what sort of special celebration you might hold for the year your birthday falls on a date like today, where the day, the month and the year are all the same?

With Motherís Day this weekend, followed by my momís, other brotherís, and nieceís birthdays all in a row at the end of the month, May is an expensive month for me. Iíve got presents already bought for the stuff this week though. My younger brother asked for a couple of plain black t-shirts to put decals on that heís already got, and in Hawaii J and I got my mother a, no word of a lie, large metal pineapple tea-light lantern. I swear itís a lot nicer than it sounds and I think sheíll like it. She likes things that are kind of funky and the red will go with her latest dťcor theme. Good thing she doesnít know about this site so it wonít spoil the surprise. Shhhh..

Spider and I are in a bit of a pickle about our momís birthday present though Ė she wants a watch like the one Iíve got (a Storm Multirel) but she wants the purple colour I have and they only seem to carry green ones now. *gulp* Not sure what to do about that one. If all else fails I may give her mine and get myself another that I like as much. Iíve looked online but all the sites Iím finding arenít in any language I can read. If you have any better luck, drop me a line.

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