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The winds of change are blowing.

2005-04-29 - 10:02 a.m.

I致e picked up the Clomid and we池e good to go as of Monday when I知 supposed to start taking it.

It痴 only fair to warn you guys, I may not have access to this site from work come Monday and you値l have to wait until I have opportunities to update from home in the evenings. I think it痴 only the cookie on the hard drive of this particular workstation that allows me to access my site, and I知 changing workstations/locations and, I suppose in a way, changing jobs next week. My supervisor got a promotion and since the development program I知 in considers me his employee (vs. an employee of the team or project), I知 moving with him. I値l have a new title and a slightly different type of job, but I知 not sure exactly what it値l entail yet.

Adding to the overall uncertainty next week, my supervisor痴 uncle just passed away and it looks like he値l be gone to the funeral on Monday and, since it痴 out of town, he may in fact be away until Wednesday. It値l be my first day at the new location; it値l be my new employee痴 first day, period. I値l know only the fellow I met once last week who briefed us; she値l know only me who she met once at her job interview. Looks like there will be a lot for both of us to learn.

Since I値l be starting the Clomid Monday night, I値l definitely be making an effort from Tuesday onwards to get the word here about what the experience is like for me. Send all your curious fertility-challenged friends! I understand that one of the more common side effects is headache, and since my migraines can be triggered by hormone changes and Clomid messes with your hormone levels, I may be letting you all know this stuff from home. I hope not though: not only do migraines suck, I don稚 want to leave my poor new employee completely on her own just after she gets here.

(In a change of topic so abrupt that the readership suffered from collective whiplash)
Have I mentioned I have a drinking problem? I can稚 seem to drink anything without slopping some on myself half the time. For someone who痴 a good kisser, I have surprisingly uncoordinated lips sometimes. Just now I was taking a swig of my coffee and managed to spill some down my front. Just to be clear, the coffee is capped with one of those lids which only has a tiny hole through which you can drink, effectively turning a coffee cup into a baby bottle for adults. Yet I still managed to spill some. Former-coworker-who-now-has-this-URL*, you now know why I usually drink through straws and stir-sticks to preserve the pristine state of my shirt-front.

*Dude, send me a decent nickname for you.

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