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Twins, here I come?

2005-04-27 - 9:13 a.m.

I would luuurve to say that, hey! no need for Clomid because I, gasp! got pregnant, just on the verge of actual intervention. Isn’t that what you’re always hearing?

“Oh Billy and Susie were trying and trying, then they finally got an appointment at the fertility clinic and, tee hee, wouldn’t you know it? She found out she was pregnant the week before they were supposed to go in. I guess they just needed to relax about it and enjoy themselves to make it happen.”


Seriously, if that’s not one of the more annoying, inane pieces of advice given to infertile couples, I’ll eat my new straw cowboy hat. Yes, high stress levels can affect fertility but, a) as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t consider myself to be extremely stressed out about the process and b) I don’t think it makes the ultimate determination between success and failure. The majority of people who can’t conceive easily are determined to have a known MEDICAL REASON. The ones that can’t be diagnosed with a specific reason? Probably have a reason that’s just not detected easily.

Anyway, all this preamble aside, my basal body temperature dropped today and my body is definitely getting ready to let me know for sure that no, no pregnancy this month. This means I’m going to fill that prescription for Clomid (or clomiphene or serophene – same drug) Doctor Hubris gave me. He was reluctant to do so, but determined that drug he preferred wouldn’t work in my case. His reluctance stemmed from the increased risk of “multiple births”, of which there will be an 8-10% chance.

Hmmm. Let that sink in for a moment.

One in ten, to one in twelve, chance of multiples.

J and I have talked about it and, while twins would be harder to cope with and harder on my body to carry and deliver, we ultimately would like to have more than one child. And other people do survive twins, right?


So we’ve decided that that’s a chance we’re willing to take. We’d rather have two than none, after all. I am far more scared of the fact that “multiple” can also imply MORE THAN TWO. Twins? Difficult. Triplets? Well, I only have two hands to hold babies with and, more importantly, two breasts to feed babies with.


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