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Maybe I'm just growing an extra toe.

2005-04-13 - 2:42 p.m.

I realize this probably sounds like an odd and self-absorbed observation but I seem to have developed bumps on the the outside edges of my feet. One per foot, and at the same place on each foot. What the heck is that all about? And theyre uncomfortable when Im in socks or barefoot, particulary in the shower. The sensation is like therere bits of bone sticking out just below and to the sides of the pad under my little toes and they pinch the overlying skin against the floor. Theyre probably calluses or something Im not trying to suggest that there is any actual odd bone-growth happening.

Still, for 32+ years, nothing, then I get this on both feet at the same time? Have I altered my gait so my feet are rubbing differently in my shoes? Is it because my reaction to chilly morning floors in the winter is to walk on the outside edges of my feet around the house? Is this something that just happens with age and no one else has thought its worthy to mention it?

See? No obsessing over test results here. Nope. Nuh uh. Today, Im all about the feet. The day after tomorrow, however, Ill be a basket case until 11:20. When my appointment was moved up I was all, Yay! Ill be in the know twenty whole minutes earlier!

When I was confirming the appointment I did drop a broad hint to the doctor's assistant but she didn't nibble and just said that J's test results are in and the doctor still has to review them. Phooey.

J, on the other hand, has a dreaded filling at the dentist to distract him right up until mid-morning that day. Poor fellow. He hates the dentist. I finally got him to go for a check-up and they had to make two more appointments: one for filling and one to have a wire removed that had been glued to his teeth by his orthodontist lo, these many years, but had since gotten broken. I had assumed hed not gone for years and years but it turns out that the last time hed gone to have his teeth cleaned had been right before our first date (aw). Still, that was three years ago so it was past time for him to go again.

So, yeah, busy day tomorrow and Friday but Ill definitely be putting something up before Monday with the details of my second visit to the fertility clinic. Stay tuned.

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