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2005-04-15 - 8:00 p.m.

As promised here are the results from our second appointment with Dr. Hubris:

All my test came back in the “normal” range, except for my progesterone which was 15 and he was looking for it to be over 20. While that may indicate I didn’t ovulate, it can also possibly be because the test was done on day 30, three days before the end of my cycle, and normally that test is done on day 21. The theory is it should peak in mid-luteal phase and I was clearly nearing the end of that luteal phase by that point. My suspicion is that I did, in fact ovulate on that cycle – as I mentioned, it was the most textbook basal body temperature chart I’d produced since starting to chart – and the blood was drawn too late. It’s entirely possible that I didn’t ovulate on other cycles but for that one I think I did. J’s tests also came back normal, but some of them were at the very edge of “normal” and would, in fact, be considered borderline and possibly warrant further testing. This is particularly true when it comes to the morphology of his little guys, as only 30% had what’s considered “normal” morphology.

I have to take a moment to apologize to my friend Jo here. She had mentioned PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) as a possibility and I totally shot her down because I don’t have any classic symptoms of PCOS such as a tendency towards obesity, acne, or facial hair, and the doctor didn’t think my ovaries were enlarged. BUT apparently having long, irregular cycles and intermittent ovulation does put me in the PCOS category, even though it’s just a “variation” of it. In other words, it hasn’t been found to be anything else they have a name for, so PCOS is the current catchall when those other things have been eliminated. Now if they do further tests and find out my fallopian tubes are blocked they’ll probably then eliminate PCOS as a diagnosis, but for now that’s what Dr. Hubris is calling it.

What is interesting is that Dr. Hubris suspects that the reason I don’t have a lot of the classic symptoms (and let me take a moment here to thank all that is Holy that I don’t have them because a fat, pimply Shawna with a beard is NOT something I’d ever, ever want to see in the mirror) is that I’m in such good shape. He thinks that if I stopped going to the gym I’d see those symptoms emerging. Now is that motivation to keep working out or WHAT?

At any rate, the solution for the moment is to put me on Clomid for my next three cycles and see if it gets me ovulating (I believe I predicted that awhile ago). If it doesn’t we’ll have to look at other drugs. If it does but I don’t get pregnant, we’ll be doing more tests including checking my tubes and doing a much more detailed analysis on J’s swimmers (which is when we’d start to have to pay money out of our own pockets for this venture). This time he won’t be able to do it at home…

Dr. H. – You’d have to provide the sample here. Would you be okay with going into our disco room down the hall to give your sample?

Shawna – Did you say, “disco room”?

Dr. H. – Well, it sounds better than “masturbatorium.”


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