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2005-02-23 - 9:40 a.m.

Mmmm. My love affair with almond jello* and canned fruit continues.

Sadly, I seem to be putting some of my lost 10 pounds back on. Iím glad that the blood tests they did last week included a TSH test (which checks thyroid functioning) Ďcause itís kind of discouraging to take stock of the amount of food you eat and the amount of exercise you get and decide that thatís no good reason to be gaining weight. I have some days where I eat more than others, and some of those days donít include enough fruits and veggies, but there are many days that my eating habits are close to exemplary. Add this to the bare minimum two days a week I work out every week Ė an amount usually supplemented with other classes and maybe some cardio machines Ė and I just donít get why I canít at least hold my ground on the scale. Sigh.

This week will be another which is light on entries, as Iím on course out of the office for Thursday and Friday.

As a consolation, I will leave you some more Hawaii pictures:

Petroglyph family.


Sea turtle sunning itself on a black sand beach. (No, this turtle is not dead as one horrified friend thought.)

J at a puíuhonua (place of refuge).

I become one with the puíuhonua tikis.

* By which I actually mean ďgelatin dessertĒ as itís not technically Jello brand that Iím eating.

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