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2005-02-21 - 10:41 a.m.

Quick news bite (byte?): I pulled something in my lower back setting up for my class at the gym on Saturday so Im out of exercise commission as I rest and hopefully heal up for the next class I teach which will be on Wednesday. It hurts to sneeze.



Im not that close with my husbands sister. Its nothing personal against her; its just that we have very little in common outside the fact that were related by marriage, and as long as Ive known J his sister has lived a 4-hour drive away, so we havent ever had the opportunity to really get to know each other. The most time I spent with her was the month that their mom was in the hospital (check the entries from last November if you want to read about that time period in my life) and the setting wasnt exactly conducive to focusing on our relationship. Most of our energy went to focusing on the woman in the hospital bed and checking in on how the other people were coping with the situation. I think we learned a lot about each others character that month, but didnt really get to swap stories or learn those little things that give you an in with the other person.

Oddly enough, I have had the chance to become quite close friends with one of my sister in-laws best friends who lives here in town. We dont have a lot in common either, yet weve never been at a loss for things to giggle about over a no-boys-allowed dinner. Last night J was unexpectedly called in to his work for the evening (his employee didnt show up for his shift) so we had a chance to have one of those sorts of meals. She said something that surprised me: over the last number of months my sister in-law had been hinting that maybe J and I were trying or asking outright if maybe I was pregnant!

I feel kind of bad about this: that my sister in-law would think Id tell her friend before I told her news of that magnitude. True, the friend knows we are indeed trying shes a nurse so Ive had a couple of questions for her, plus shes baby-mad and has been more forthright about just asking me and Ill generally answer honestly if asked while my sister in-law only apparently suspects (shes never asked or I would have told her). Nevertheless, if we were to get pregnant and I told the friend to pass this tidbit on to reassure my sister in-law the first people wed tell would be family.

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