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Holiday recap.

2005-01-06 - 10:18 a.m.

Okay so the holidays had better be written down before they disappear in a foggy blur. First, just the facts maíam:

Christmas Eve - J and I had a decadent lunch buffet (large meal #1) with my dad and his wife at their club. The food was good and J looked dashing in the suit heíd recently purchased for his momís funeral. A festive tie, the last one of its kind in the store which we snatched off the mannequin sporting it*, was all that was needed to complete his holiday ensemble. After lunch we swung by home to change and pick up gifts and overnight stuff and headed to my momís where my sister and grandmother had already arrived. We had a fabulous dinner (large meal #2) followed by a hotly-contested game of Scrabble then succumbed to the tryptophane and headed for bed.

Christmas Day Ė Stockings unstuffed! Presents unwrapped! Pancakes and bacon with homemade maple syrup, plus leftover trifle for breakfast (large meal #3)! Leisurely conversation, then away we go to the big city again. J and I dropped my sister (who I have just this moment decided to dub Spider after her love of arachnids) off at our place while we paid a visit to his momís grave, then picked Spider up again on our way to my dadís. We unwrapped presents, ate another large holiday dinner (large meal #4), visited for a bit, then went home and watched a movie (Frida, which Spider would. Not. Stop. Talking through to show off how much she knew of Ms. Kahloís life. I finally told her that Iíd seen the exhibit when it was in town so I could probably get the rest of what I needed to know from the film. Sheesh.)

Boxing Day Ė J had to open the store so he left at an obscenely early hour then when he returned we dropped Spider at the bus station and headed out to Whitby to visit with his family. We drove the 3.5 hours there, chit chatted, ate pizza and leftover Christmas cookies (large meal #5), then drove back. The return trip took almost 5 hours because it had started to snow quite heavily but Iím glad J got to spend some time with his family over the holidays.

I had Monday and Tuesday off but Iím darned if I can remember what I did other than sleep in.

New Yearís Eve Ė Following tradition, I went to work for only a half-day. J and I went for dinner with his dad and then to an early show (Oceanís Twelve Ė we didnít like it as much as the Oceanís Eleven but it wasnít bad). This was traditionally what Jís parents did together on New Yearís so we were glad to be able to keep it going, even if it wasnít the same. After we dropped his dad at home we headed for the home of a couple weíre good friends with. There we made yummy appetizer things (the best use of leftover homemade cranberry sauce EVAH(!) when combined with slivers of brie and wrapped in PC butter puff pastry) and watched yet another movie. My favourite part of our visit though was the 20 minutes we turned the movie off to toast the New Year at midnight, share plans for 2005 (theyíre getting married the day before Jís 30th birthday) and joke with each other.

New Yearís Day Ė When J finished work he picked me up and we went out to my momís again; this time to see her, my grandmother, my aunt and uncle, and some family friends. As usual, there was a feast. I enjoyed starting the year cozy with family. (Jís sister is up for a visit from yesterday until Sunday so heíll have a chance over the next few days to do the same.)

And the day after that we rested. We didnít clean, take the tree down, cookÖ nothiní. Being the store owner, J had been getting up early almost every single morning to work over the holidays (except for Christmas Day itself) and it was high time the man had a break. We watched a DVD, ate leftovers, napped, and so on. It was perfect.

* Does this mean weíll have to be looking over our shoulder for a mannequin stalker like in that creepy jeans commercial? I hope not.


Edited to add: Thanks to Zoot, I have a link that rates charities involved in the relief effort. Check it out. I'm happy to see that the one I already donated to got an "A" rating.

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