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I never did like ferns.

2005-01-12 - 9:36 a.m.

If Iím lucky Iíll be able to sneak in two entries this week Ė today and tomorrow Ė but after that the internet will just have to cool their heels because Hawaii, here we come. Weíre leaving Friday morning and boy, do we have a flurry of packing to do, not to mention making/keeping the place fairly in the process Ďcause a friend of Jís will be staying over at our place to keep an eye on things for part of the time weíll be gone.

Work has been pretty hectic this week, plus weíve had a couple of things take us out of the office so I havenít had a lot of time to write. Letís see, whatís new...

Iíve discovered that, despite their claim of being 98% accurate if used correctly, that whole drying-your-spit-and-looking-at-it-through-a-microscope thing isnít for me. Iíd checked a couple of times near the end of December and saw nothing then tried it one more time on the weekend and what did I see? Ferning!! Then the next morning? Nothiní. And my basal body temperature (BBT) graph didnít indicate ovulation at that time. So, like a couple of the studies Iíve found, plus the fact Iíve seen a message board post correlating ferning with estrogen spikes that bring on migraines (and I had a small one too at the time), Iíve concluded that this isnít going to be a useful indicator for me.

Back to the good old try-close-to-daily-until-my-BBT-rises-for-a-few-days method. Letís hope my cycles get shorter than the last one or J is going to be one tired fellow.

Also in the baby-making-department: we have an appointment! Iím glad that we got the referral Ďcause theyíre booking in June so if weíd waited another three or four months we would be getting in for a consultation even until the autumn.

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