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Sometimes I don't want to be right.

2004-12-29 - 10:55 a.m.

It turns out I was right about what the falling basal body temperature signaled. This means that that cycle lasted a full 56 days. This seems rather disturbing to me since I was hoping my cycles would get shorter and more regular, rather than the current trend I’m seeing of longer and less regular.

I didn’t mention it in my post-visit entry, but last time I went to see the doctor I brought up the fact that my cycles weren’t very stable. The first one after going off the Pill lasted 3 months, the second one was 35 days (Aug 15 to Sept 19), and the third was 40 days (Sept. 20 to Oct. 28). At the time I was only 11 days into the next one. Based on these numbers, my doctor didn’t seem alarmed and said that I should try for a year before she’d think it appropriate to investigate further. And sure, 35 and 40 days isn’t too bad I suppose. Both are longer than average but I would think they’re acceptable. However, with the addition of 56 days for the next cycle, I’m a bit alarmed. I don’t want to necessarily seek intervention, but I wouldn’t mind checking to make sure things are functioning properly. It would suck to try for a year suspecting that there was a problem and then find out after the year was up that I was right in suspecting something and we’d been wasting a year when we should have been doing something differently. I’m not over 35 yet but nor to I want to start a family at over 35 and each year I get closer to that number.

Here’s something interesting – in checking the dates I noticed that the last time I got my period was the day before going to my sister in-law’s for my niece’s baptism. This time I got it two days before going to my sister in-law’s for Boxing Day. I haven’t been there in between these dates. Coincidence?* Maybe if I want to be more regular I should be going down for a visit every 28 days...

An entry on my Christmas holidays coming next. I promise.

* Of course, the answer is “yes” because that’s what a coincidence is. That’s why it’s called a coincidence.

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