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BBT falling; Christmas spirits rising anyway.

2004-12-24 - 10:46 a.m.

Alas, I never had the chance to write a wistful my-basal-body-temperature-is-very-high so Iím just hoping, hoping, hoping-itís-a-good-sign-and-stays-that-way entry, before it started to fall and now Iím *bumping* down that temperature valley on my graph. Back to earth at 97.4. Stupid, stupid short luteal phase.

So, it looks like I should be getting my period for Christmas (note, only the fourth in seven months).

Joy to the world.

Itís too bad, and not just because we really are hoping to have an offspring (though of course ultimately, thatís the biggie); the timing of being able to tell our close family some good news at Christmas, after all the nasty stuff thatís happened in the last month, would have been really, really nice. Also, and this is just a point of vanity really, the due date would have been in September, a month before I turn 33.

Thereís nothing wrong, of course, with having kids at pretty much any age but I had always pictured myself as an earlier- rather than later-in-life mom. It just worked out that by the time I was in a stable, loving relationship with the man to have kids with, it was already to late for that ďearlierĒ scenario.

I donít want to dwell on the negative today though, itís Christmas Eve! And starting at noon Iíll be feasting with family for the next 54 hours or so. There is no dieting at Christmas. The family getting together is the most important thing but fantastic food is inextricably linked to that and what the heck, I have two weeks to get over the calorie intake to get ready for Hawaii.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Internet!

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