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Two steps forward, one step back, and the dreaded duckbills return.

2004-11-09 - 12:46 p.m.

So my mother in-law is definitely looking more alert. She seems to understand what people are saying and is making attempts to respond. Her eyes are open longer. Unfortunately, they had to send her for another CT scan last night because, for the first time, her pupils were different sizes. The results arenít great but theyíre not as bad as they could be Ė thereís no additional bleeding in her brain but there is evidence of some more swelling.

I canít believe itís only been just over a week since she went into the hospital. It really seems like so much longer.


In other news, I had my yearly physical today. Some of you may recall the entries last year about this event. This year surprisingly little has changed. Iíve lost a bit of weight so I didnít tip the scale into the next notch. Thanks to the nurse who didnít give me time to take off my shoes, according to my chart Iíve gotten an inch taller (go me!). But despite the fact that the doc basically told me to hop on the baby train last year, Iím not a mom yet, or even pregnant. And thatís all Iíve got to say about that topic for now.

One thing that was kind of funny, thanks to the intimidatingly efficient nurse, I felt so rushed that when the doctor came in to the examining room I started talking a mile a minute. When she went to check my blood pressure it was high, like really high. My blood pressure is never high; itís usually abnormally low, if anything. She shook her head and said decisively,

ďIím going out of the room to let you sit quietly for a minute. Youíve gotten all wound up talking about high-stress stuff and I want to re-take your pressure when youíve had a chance to be still just beforehand.Ē and off she went.

A couple of minutes later the door cracked open and there she was, her finger pressed to her lips in a shushing gesture as she tiptoed back into the room. Sure enough, my pressure was back much closer to normal (124 over 76). She was much happier with that.

Iím also being sent for a consult with a physiotherapist who specializes in sports-related stuff. My knee has been making a disquieting grinding noise for the last while whenever I go up a set of stairs. It doesnít hurt yet but I figure that old adage about ďan ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureĒ applies here. Iíd hate to be told once it starts to hurt that I could have done something to prevent it becoming a real problem in the first place.

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