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Doctors and babies and needles, oh my.

2003-11-10 - 10:12 a.m.

So, the doctorís.

Yep, it was a ďheavyĒ day and my highest weight ever has now been inked into my file. I suppose I had been mentally resigned to it and she didnít make any kind of fuss about it. She may have if it had been all fat but since Iíve got a visible mass of muscle on me and can run 10k in under an hour she wasnít particularly worried.

We did, however, talk babies. As I had semi-expected, she told me that if I and my husband definitely want kids, her advice would be not to wait to start trying. Itís a medical fact that it becomes harder to conceive the older you get and at 31 if it turns out that thereís any kind of problem, finding out early gives us valuable time to try solve it (if we can). This is in line with the opinion Iíd already formed based on what Iíd heard about the topic. I have friends that scoff about how itís silly and you can have kids right into your late 30s and early 40s but even if you technically can, I have never thought it was the best of ideas. My background is biology and I know that, biologically speaking, just because you can doesnít mean itís ideal in terms of your body, your ability to conceive, or the risks that you are exposed to.

I still got a prescription refill for my Pill and brought this advice home to J to discuss. The knee-jerk reaction to this sort of advice is, ďNow or never? Better be now!Ē but our thinking has evolved over the weekend to ďsoonerĒ as opposed to either ďlaterĒ or even ďnowĒ. That little bit of extra time could make a big difference in terms of where we both are in our jobs.

In the meantime, Iím starting the way I always do whenever I face the prospect of embarking on anything new Ė Iím researching. How much folic acid should I take? When should I start taking it? What foods should I think about eating more of? Can I keep teaching weightlifting if I get pregnant? If so, for how long and should I lighten up on the weights? What are the details of maternity benefits Iíd be entitled to? That sort of thing.

Hm. I started out to talk about my insane fear of needles and how the doctor decided this would be a good time to get my cholesterol checked and do the test for rubella immunity (which they do if they get a chance for women thinking of becoming pregnant) but I got side-tracked. I guess the whole baby thing is more at the forefront of my mind at the moment (to be fair, as would anything Iím in the throes of researching). And itís not that interesting a story as this was probably the easiest blood-letting Iíve ever experienced. That nurse was amazingly good and I didnít even feel her change the three vials around on the needle-sleeve, or whatever itís called. I also wasnít as insanely nervous and chattery as I normally get (Iím a nervous talker, yísee). Maybe Iím getting used to this sort of thing. The first time I had blood drawn was only a few years ago and I was queen freakout; talking a mile-a-minute before and during and laughing like a hyena with relief when it was over. I canít imagine what people in the waiting room thought at the peals of semi-hysterical laughter rolling from the nurses station.

I understand that expectant mothers are treated like pincushions so I may have a lot more of this sort of thing to look forward to if/when we go for it.

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