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Countdown to the big weigh-in.

2004-10-28 - 3:16 p.m.

Today is yet another ďmake or breakĒ day on one of our projects. I canít give details but itís definitely frustrating to have these crises always come up. Since Iím in hurry-up-and-wait mode, I thought Iíd take the opportunity to post something.

I have booked my yearly physical with my doctor Ė oh joy oh bliss. This also means the start of my yearly battle to have as light a weight as possible go into my permanent record. October is a difficult month for me, weight-wise. There are multiple family dinners for multiple birthdays and you know what that meansÖ multiple birthday cakes.

Iíve definitely backslid a bit on my former weight-loss progress. I figure, how many chances do I get to eat my grandmotherís homemade chocolate cake? Not enough, thatís how many, so I might as well live a little. Add to that the fact that when the temperature drops this not-so-young lassís fancy turns to thoughts of comfort food (mmmmÖ. gravy. And potatoes. And gravy with potatoesÖ) and Iím in Big. Trouble. Mister.

Now that Novemberís almost here, itís time to gird my loins for the scale battle that is the Holiday season. With that firmly in mind, (plus the added incentive that I feel vaguely headache-y today which has kind of killed my appetite) Iíve had a muffin, a decaf, and two pieces of fruit so far today. Lest you feel stirrings of alarm at my apparent anorexic tendencies, let me assure you that I will be eating something with protein as well within the next hour or so, and I am fully intending to eat a balanced, healthy dinner.

Like an entire cow.

With cheese.

MmmmÖ cheeeeese.

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