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AND I still have candy at home lying in wait for me...

2004-11-01 - 12:35 p.m.


I canít remember last time I ate so much unhealthy food for so long a stretch as I did this weekend. Sure, I eat a lot at Thanksgiving and other family gatherings, but at least itís homemade food made from scratch with mostly-healthy ingredients. Itís normally the quantity, not the quality thatís the problem. This time? All quality baby.

I started out just fine with a Yop before my class on Saturday morning (itís a snack and a beverage, all in one!). I thought Iíd go home and have a shower and a healthy lunch before packing for the jaunt to my nieceís christening in southern Ontario. Then I just seemed to go into a time warp where everything took so long to do that I had to concentrate on getting ready to leave so that, by the time my husband got home I hadnít had time for any kind of food except a few Halloween mini chocolate bars. He hadnít eaten either and we were running late so we snarfled down some leftover pizza before whooshing across town to meet up with his parents for the drive down.

When we were approaching our destination I inquired what the plan was for dinner. Can you guess the answer? If you guessed pizza, youíd be right. And Pizza Hut pizza at that, the greasiest, albeit among the tastiest, pizza known to man.

The next morning I snagged a bowl of honey-nut Cheerios before the service but at the reception ate the finger food provided. The mini-sandwiches (consisting of meat and mayo on bread) were probably the healthiest offering, which I offset with chips Ďn dip and cake (two pieces). On the way home the Outlaws proposed stopping for dinner and I ended up ordering fish Ďn chips, then once back in town we went for a movie night at some friendsí house where we were plied with chocolate chip cookies and tiramisu.

Why? Why canít I turn down food thatís offered to me? My thought train on the way out the door went something like this,

Blagh! That was a LOT of sugar and grease this weekend. Any impending breakouts or weight gain this week will be TOTALLY my fault. I feel so gross. Like the grease is oozing out my pores as I sit here. Wait? Whatís that being proffered in that Tupperware box? Uh oh, itís right under my nose. Must. Resist. Why is my hand reaching forward? Stop hand. STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

(out loud) Why sure Iíll have another cookie for the roadÖ

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