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Palpable and unseemly.

2004-09-28 - 4:03 p.m.

Whhhhhhh, ahhhhhh.

That sound, my friends, is me breathing a sigh of relief. (How does one write the sound of an inhale? I was as onomatopoeic as I get, yet it still doesn’t look quite right.) Today has been a wacky, crazy day and I just, at a quarter past three, had time to scarf down my lunch.


Now that particular sound was our “drop deadline” coming and going. I finished my parts already (and someone else’s part besides), so I am blissfully unconcerned, at least until my manager calls me with something else to pull out of the fire.

I am actually feeling quite smug and pleased with myself as I think I churned out some quality stuff in rather short order today. Work here is a series of emergencies that fall between lulls. All in all, I have to confess I like the emergencies more than the lulls, though at least the lulls afford me the time to write to y’all.


Plans are afoot to go to a comedy club for J’s birthday this Saturday (though his actual birthday’s the 3rd) and I may plan a separate event for my own birthday the Friday after (though my actual birthday’s the 9th; take note if you want to shower me with gifts, or at least drop me an email). I’m thinking Chinese and bowling for my more sedate friends. I can’t think of a single person that I hang with that doesn’t like at least one of those two things.

An aside: has anyone else, besides me, in the world seen Grease 2? If you have, has the suggestion of bowling always put the song “Score Tonight” in your head forever after? No? Just me then? Right, moving right along.

Tonight… Yoga Baby!

We’re gonna rock. we’re gonna roll…
I have been missing my yoga class since I started teaching on the same night of the week but it has recently changed to Tuesdays. My excitement is almost unseemly.
… we’re gonna bop, we’re gonna bowl!
I know that I’ve lost a bit of ground but I’m still not back where I started, despite the almost year-long hiatus. My heels still touch the floor in Downward Dog,
We’re gonna score,
and my balance is still excellent, thanks partly to my low centre of gravity but definitely still partly due to the several years of yoga. Should be fun, even if it will mean a bit of stiffness until I get back into the swing of things.

Shut. IT.

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