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2004-09-27 - 2:04 p.m.

It was a very low-key weekend with the highlight being a visit with the Worldís Most Adorable Niece. J is over the moon because he was asked to be her godfather. He was careful to establish what that meant to his sister and her husband, i.e. that didnít mean he was responsible for her religious upbringing (though he was so tickled I think he would have considered embracing religion just so that he could fill that role if it meant being her godfather), so that he could fulfill their expectations. Itís an honour he was tickled pink to accept. His brother in-lawís sister will be the godmother.

Weíre going down for the christening at the end of October. I personally find it kind of funny that sheís being christened on Halloween but hey, maybe thatís just my warped sense of humour.

I have to say, Iím LOVING the weather weíve been having here lately. Itís been sunny and warm during the day and cool and refreshing at night. On the first full day of fall I was outside in a tank top and shorts. I worked on my tan this weekend (donít tell my doctor who is very anti-tanning). I know tanning isnít healthy Ė it ages the skin, causes wrinkles, and can result in skin cancer Ė but I love not being the fish-belly white I am in winter. I look at pictures taken in the winter vs. pictures taken in the summer and I just. Canít. Help but think I look better in the summer and pale and sickly in the winter.

Someday I may regret all the sun Iíve gotten in my life but really, I just love feeling the sunís warmth on my skin so much that itís worth the risk. I love trying for a golden beige, like a perfectly-toasted marshmallow. I love the smell my skin gives off when Iíve been in the sun. I remember as a kid vacationing in Florida, I was sitting in a pancake or waffle place (could it have been an IHOP?) with one knee drawn up to my chest. I had been at the pool or the beach that morning and I remember my knee smelled so good I licked it. It tasted like it smelled Ė not like sweat, though it was salty and had that quality that skin takes on when itís been in the sun. I wish I could describe it better than that but itís kind of like describing colour to a blind person, or, to put it less dramatically, what ďswashbucklingĒ means without bringing in a reference to pirates. Even as a grownup, Iíll happily sniff my forearms while Iím lounging on the back deck and that smell is still the same.

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