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What is this "cay-ble" you speak of?

2004-09-30 - 2:18 p.m.

Oh that wascle-y wabbit of a cable company; itís found me out. This morning there was an oversized business card in our mailbox from one of its drones offering us free installation and half-price for two months if only weíd PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, agree to hook up its corporate umbilical cord to the house. They must have noticed that there was an address left blank in the rank and file and they decided to try to nip that pesky holdout with a personal visit.

Let me Ďsplain.

We donít have cable. This is not because J doesnít want cable, but because I donít want cable more than J wants it. His chief reasons for wanting it are:

  1. Heíd like to watch hockey (well, normally heíd want to watch hockey) but canít because we donít get CBC well because,
  2. We have the worst reception ever seen in an urban area.

Sadly, J has a point as this is true. My mother lives almost an hour outside the city and has fabulous reception for channels we get nothing but snow on. Our friends that live in the city, but a 10-minute drive from us, also get great reception with rabbit ears. We? Do not. Despite the super-duper, plug-into-their-own-power-source rabbit ears. Our neighbourhood seems to be in a weird dead zone when it comes to radio and TV reception. Fortunately for me, however, with the exception of hockey and Survivor, the few shows we really watch are on the channel we get the best (though still not perfect) reception on (CTV).

Yes, on nights when reception is particularly bad itís kind of frustrating. But to me, itís worth it to not have cable in the house. You see, if we had it, Iíd watch it. I have had one of Jís friends try to shame me with the argument, ďSo you are denying J cable because you lack the willpower to stop yourself from watching it? Do you think thatís fair? Why donít you just not watch it?Ē

I bet that if I was on a diet they wouldnít be telling me to stock my cupboards with junk food so that J isnít deprived. And thatís what TV is Ė junk food for the brain.

Perhaps more importantly: why do they even care?

Jís mom is the same way Ė she offered not only to pay for cable to be installed, but to pay for it for a full year as a ďgiftĒ to us. She doesnít want her son to have to go out to watch hockey games. J eventually told her to cool it and explained to her that we donít not have cable because we canít afford it, we donít have it because we donít want it.

It wasnít a unilateral decision; we had a few discussions and, while J would have preferred to have it, heís ok with not having it too.

So J spends a bit on going out to watch hockey games with friends at the pub; I spend money on going for dinner before Survivor with my fellow Survivor addicts. I think Iíd rather do that than sit in front of the TV alone at home, even if it ends up costing as much as, or even a bit more than, cable.

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