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2004-06-29 - 10:32 a.m.

Did ya miss me bay-beh? I snuck away for a long weekend.

Actually, it’s been a whirlwind and I’m pooped. I must rise above it though, as J and I are hosting a Canada Day BBQ this Thursday and there’s lots to do to prepare for it. Even after it’s over, there will be no rest for the wicked as there will be clean-up to contend with, I teach a class Saturday morning, am heading to a friend’s cottage for the day, then have another class to teach on Sunday.

So an update on my goings-on:

Friday I went to the Rib Festival for my yummy yearly shot of pork and carcinogens, then shopping, then home to pack.

Saturday I taught a class, dashed to my mom’s, showered (in her wonderful outdoor shower – she lives on 23 acres in the country), then we headed out on our 6-hour drive for New Hamburg where we had dinner with friends. After much munching and dessert-ing, we bid goodbye and finally landed at a bed and breakfast in St. Jacob’s to sleep.

Sunday we started with window shopping/shopping in St. Jacobs (the store really wanted to visit was closed) then headed to Kitchener for a baby shower for the couple we’d dined with the night before. With evening coming on we drove back to Toronto, checked in to our hotel, and decided to dine at our favourite local eatery, the Peartree. Were just finishing our entrées when Granny and Dad showed up. They’d been tipped off as to where we were by my sister who’d declined to join us. With the four of us there, we decided to give her another ring and this time she assented to come (she lives 3 blocks away). It was kind of cool to look around the table and see the five of us gathered. I’ve never been one of those kids that wanted their parents back together once they’d split so it’s not like it was a dream come true or anything, but this was my core family group growing up and we hadn’t been in this particular grouping since I was 14 – over half my lifetime ago. I have a typically dysfunctional family (possibly more on that tomorrow) but it still brought on a twinge of nostalgia to see us gathered together in celebration without any of the additions that came later in our lives, welcome though those additions were and are.

Monday brought the reason we were celebrating. After meeting for brunch we all attended my sister’s college graduation. After years of alternative lifestyle exploration and some questionable career choices, my sister went back to school to study for a profession my parents can actually tell their friends about – court administration. She worked hard, managed her finances, and graduated this week. She’s talking about possibly doing a university degree next. I’m not of the opinion that everyone has to go to college or university, but having a diploma or degree can open doors and the family’s very proud of the fact that she decided she wanted it and went after it. After the reception the four non-Torontonians hustled to get out of the city and back to my mom’s place where we had a snack and then the two of us that weren’t staying there hit the road for home.

Whew! Home sweet home. And J had done some cleaning and mowing and landscaping and the art had arrived and looks absolutely fabulous. It’s hard to believe I was only gone for two nights!

I have a meeting with another potential job this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

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