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2004-06-30 - 9:10 a.m.

Iím off today, yay!

Whatís not so yay is that for our Canada Day party tomorrow I have to:

Clean the house (and to be fair, much of the clutter is of my making since J cleaned a lot of his over the weekend).

Change the duvet cover.

Put sheets on the extra bed.

Make potato salad.

Rearrange some of the furniture.

Pick up a toilet lid (ours broke ages ago and weíve been waiting for the replacement to come in).

Find something to cover the window with in the downstairs bathroom (again, Iíve been putting this one off for a long time).

Teach at the gym tonight.

So, most of my day is already claimed but hey, itís not like I have to sit in the office in front of my computer today. Hey, wait a sec, what am I doing sitting here? Bye! See you Friday!

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