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2004-06-21 - 1:09 p.m.

Sorry to have been a big tease but as it turns out, I donít have way, way more to tell you about the job situation and believe you me, I wish I did even more than you do. I thought Iíd have been able to reach the person whoíd offered me the other job but so far, no dice. Sheís working from home today. Iíve left a message asking her to get in touch with me but if Iíve heard nothing by the end of today, tomorrow Iím calling my current home organization and asking them to find something there for me that starts in about 3 weeks.

The thing is, mentally, Iím outta here already. The current group, including my manager, is expecting me to go, and Iíve been preparing to go. The group Iím in is whittling down and thereís hardly anyone left and those that are here are generally, with a few exceptions, counting down until they leave. Itís time to move on.

In other news, I went to Montreal and bought two paintings from Valerie Butters this weekend. One for J and I to keep, the other as an investment (called Cotton Candy and Stained Glass Garden respectively if youíre looking at her website Ė theyíre in Part 4 of available paintings right now but I donít know when theyíll be moved to the sold paintings section). Valerie is having her first solo show in September and is about to be placed in galleries in Toronto and Vancouver, in addition to the one sheís already in in Montreal. Iíve agreed to loan back Stained Glass Garden for her solo show in September if they need it (demand is almost outstripping production and theyíre having trouble keeping enough of her work back to amass enough for the show). It really is a spectacular piece. Iím hoping for a display card saying something like, ďon loan from S. _______ and J. _______Ēor even with a ďfrom the collection ofĒ in there, Ďcause Iíd totally get a kick out of that.

Hee. Look at me, the art collector.

I canít wait to get them! Theyíll be delivered in the next week or two.

I may have to be uncharacteristically sporadic in my updating for the next few weeks as thereís a bunch of stuff to do at work before I go, not to mention Iíve got to figure out when and how Iíll go. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the archives or check out the links to some of my favourite sites listed on the archive page.

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